Season 8

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Season 8


December 14, 1970, Carnegie Hall
Opening concert features première of 24-year-old Marc Neikrug's Fantasy for Large Orchestra.

New York Times"The [orchestra] . . . a remarkable ensemble . . . opened its season . . . with surprisingly able performances of a program that would have been enterprising for many adult orchestras . . . .  Under the precise and authoritative direction of Mr. Jackson, the young players did more than execute the notes . . . they displayed  an awareness of phrasing, dynamic shading, and ensemble unity that made listening pleasurable."  (Allen Hughes)

Performance is broadcast live on WNYC-FM.

February 13, 1971, Carnegie Hall
Mr. Jackson forms a chorus from members of the Cambridge (Mass.) Festival Singers, Columbia University Glee Club, and the Harlem Chorus to perform Beethoven's
Fantasy for Piano, Orchestra, and Chorus.

New York Times:  The orchestra “really outdid itself in its [2/13/71] concert . . . .  All the performers seemed inspired . . . and their ardor communicated itself directly to the large audience."  (Allen Hughes 2/15/71)

Orchestra travels to Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Jackson's hometown, and repeats the February program with a chorus from the Richmond high schools.

Richmond Times-Dispatch:  “It was one of the most exciting concerts I have heard in Richmond in years . . . .  If any in the audience thought they were going to hear a group of amateurish musicians, this thought was dispelled at once."  (Sydney Allsop  2/21/71)

April 24, 1971, Carnegie Hall
Performance includes two world premières:
Eclipse, Suite for Rock Band and Orchestra, by bwap (a rock band) and featuring it as performers; and Opus 31, Miniatures for Synthesizers, Computers, and Diverse Instruments,” by Conly and Razdow.



December 12, 1970

February 13, 1971


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