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Season 24


Allen Hughes chooses the recently renamed New York Youth Symphony for his column "Critics' Choices" in The New York Times (11/23/86).  He writes, "This training ensemble has been brought to new levels of achievement under the dynamic leadership of Mr. [David Alan] Miller.  . . . The 105 players, all between the ages of 12 and 22, are proficient instrumentalists, and they play together with remarkable efficiency and élan."

Pianist André-Michel Schub performs for the 24th season benefit reception, which again takes place at the Asia Society.


Actress Celeste Holm is the keynote speaker at a June luncheon meeting at Bargemusic and hosted by the New York Youth Symphony for the Youth Orchestra Division of the American Symphony Orchestra League during its annual conference.  Barry Goldberg is chair of the Youth Orchestra Division.



November 29, 1986

March 1, 1987


Pamela Frank

March 22, 1987


Daniel Matsukawa

Chamber Music

February 6, 1987