Sounds of Music

Sounds of Music

For 50 years, the New York Youth Symphony has trained young musicians. This year, the music school celebrates its long-running success.

Money problems are forcing many schools to cut back on arts education, including music programs. But the New York Youth Symphony (NYYS) gives top musicians ages 12 to 22 a free music education.

The NYYS has five programs-orchestra, chamber music, jazz, conducting and composing. It is hard to get accepted into the program. And it is hard to keep up with once you're in. "I practice the flute about three hours a day," Michael Alampi, 16, told TFK. That's in addition to regular school.

A Golden Anniversary

The NYYS had its first concert at Carnegie Hall, in New York City, in 1963. More than 5,000 students have studied at NYYS.

The program helps young music composers get their music heard. "Our First Music program allows a young composer to have an original piece performed by the orchestra at every concert in Carnegie Hall," says Joshua Gersen, music director of the NYYS.

On November 25, a concert at Carnegie Hall celebrated NYYS's 50th anniversary. An original piece was written by Gabriel Zucker, 21. He says, "I got to hear performers do a beautiful job of bringing what I'd written to life."


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December 14, 2012
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Andrea Delbanco