Thomas Osborne

Thomas Osborne

Thomas Osborne’s music draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, places and eras. As a composer interested in the possibilities of both Western and non-Western music, he has written works inspired by African polyphony, Indonesian gamelan, Japanese court music, ancient Persian music and Kentucky country fiddle playing. He has written many works for standard Western orchestral instruments and also for a number of Asian traditional instruments.

Raised in Greenfield, Indiana, he went on to study with his principle teachers Edward Applebaum, Claude Baker, Donald Crockett, Don Freund, Arthur Gottschalk and Stephen Hartke, earning degrees from Indiana University, Rice University and the University of Southern California. His music has been played by the American Composers Orchestra, the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra, the New England Philharmonic, the Pacific Symphony, the T’ang Quartet, pianist Jason Hardink, and many others. He has received commissions from the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, the New York Youth Symphony, Korean gayageum soloist Ji-Young Yi, the Walala percussion duo, and the Intermezzo Chamber Music Series (Salt Lake City), among others. His music has received awards from BMI, and he has received a Distinguished Alumni award from Park Tudor School.

Osborne has lived in Honolulu since 2006, and is associate professor of composition and theory at the University of Hawaii. He is active as a conductor, and directs the University of Hawaii Contemporary Music Ensemble.

He is spending the 2012-13 academic year in Seoul, South Korea, as a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, composing music for Korean and Western instruments in combination.

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Nostalgia of the Infinite
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