Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers is the 60th composer to be commissioned by the New York Youth Symphony as part of its First Music series of orchestral works by the nation’s most outstanding young composers.

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Regeneration is a summation of musical forms that I have been exploring within the last four years.  In the first movement there are alternating sound blocks designed to create motion due to abrupt change.  The second movement uses a gradual unfolding of melody, texture and color to provide forward motion.  The third movement is static, with undulating harmonic chords.  In the last movement, material from the previous three movements is interjected between sequences of extremely forceful chords.  These progressively foreshortened excerpts provide source material for the ensuing developmental section.  The excerpted portions of music gradually regenerate until they become nearly whole again.  One stream of music, mostly in the strings, metamorphoses into the chordal ritornello from the beginning.  These processes help to show that, in a way, the music is all interconnected.

It is worth noting the outside influences on such an abstract piece.  In the second movement the melody was originally influenced by Philippine gong (Kulintang) music whose melodic shapes are characterized by a gradual ascent in the beginning.  My adoration of the harmonic series was also a heavy influence.  Fortunately, upper harmonics actually sound similar to the tuning of gongs, so the melody is in fact a hybrid.

- Jeff Myers



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May 30, 2004